Yamaha Enduros


2-3-B. Carburetor and Autolube Cable Adjustments

Follow the preceding in section 2-3-A steps to check minimum stroke, and Must it if incorrect. Then adjust the carburetor and pump as described in the steps below.
1) Throttle Cable Adjustment
a. Adjust the carburetor with the engine at idle, and remove all but 1 mm of slack from throttle cable B.


• To bring the play of the throttle cable into correct adjustment, loosen or tighten the throttle cable adjustment screw.
• To. check this adjustment. lightly pull throttle cable 8, and engine speed should slightly increase from idling r.p.m.
b. Next, adjust throttle cable (A) so that the gap as show,. ...low will be between 0.5 and 1.0 mm. (0.02-0.04 in.)



Check the play of the throttle cable (A) by pulling the outer part of the cable. If the play is excessive or insufficient, adjust the play with the adjustment screw.

2) Autolube Cable Adjustment
a. Adjust the pump cable so that the marking (arrow) on Autolube pump adjustment pulley is aligned with the guide pin (see Fig. 2-3-8). Begin by fully closing the acclerator grip, then slowly turning it back again so that the slack in the throttle cable is completely taken up. Next, adjust the pump cable so that the marking on the pump adjustment pulley will be aligned with the guide pin, as shown in Fig. 2-3-7.  The point of adjustment is at the end of the cable, just before it enters the case. Loosen the lock nut and screw the adjuster in or out, whichever direction is necessary to obtain the correct adjustment.


2-3-C. Bleeding
When the pump has been removed or the Autolube oil has run out, air will enter the pump. The air will cause an irregular flow of oil after the pump is mounted again oil tank is refilled. In order to prevent such an irregular flow of oil, bleed the pump in the following manner.
1) Remove the bleeder bolt.


2. Next, rotate the starter plate in the direction of the arrow marked on the Plate. Continue turning the plate until no air comes out with the oil, then tighten the bleeder bolt. To facilitate this bleeding, fully open the accelerator grip and rotate the starter plate. As the plunger stroke becomes greater, the air can be quickly bled.